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Everyday both Bo and I go to work. That means that Muttley uses the day on one of his favourite occupations: Sleeping. He is almost never home alone more than 5-6 hours.

Wichever one of us is home first, always starts with a dogwalk with Muttley. Either Bo takes him out to the fields behind our garden were he loves to run after frisbees or climb on mounds of earth, or I take him to the dogforrest or the beach for him to play with other dogs.


When we come home from our walk we usually try to occupy Muttley with either, showtraining, nosework or regular training. Sometimes he get treats thrown around the lawn, wich he love, so he can really use his nose! Afterwards he is often tired, and so he take a nap while we do the activities of daily living. Muttley usually wakes up again when we are cooking dinner and one of us joins him on the floor for a little playtime, while the other are cooking.


In the weekends we try to do activities that involves our dog as much as possible, he is very welcome at both our familys and friends so he is almost always following us around when we go on visits. That means that we also have great care options.


Odie is living with Kim, Trine and their 4 kids, Sia, Selina, Mathias and Tobias.

Odie goes to work with Kim everyday, Kim is a craftsman and Odie has become a

permanent fixture in Kim's company car. If it is'nt possible for Odie to come with Kim

on his different assignments, he makes sure to go out to Odie, in the car, several times

during their day, to let him stretch his legs an go for a small walk , for Odie to sniff stuff

and pee.

When Kim and Odie return home from their day on the job, Odie is always greeted by their children. They are all really good at playing and cuddling with Odie, as well as Ode is really good with them. Especially little Sia, who is 2 years, I can see they have a special bond.


We have had quite a lot of questions that involves the names of the boys. The name Muttley is comming from the cartoon Stop The Pigeon, were there is a dog with an underbite and a characteristic laugh, called Muttley. The name Odie is comming from the cartoon Garfield were Garfields companion-dog is named Odie.

I hope you are enjoying the visit on our website and dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions :)

Hi, I'm Katja!

I am 30 years old and I live in Gilleleje, Denmark, with my boyfriend Bo and one, out of our two English Bulldog Boys.

Bo and I have been in a relationship for 8 years and we live together in our medium sized house, in the outskirt of Gilleleje, with a view to the fields. We have a large garden with lots of space for doggyplaytime.


None of us has had any dogs while growing up, and has never owned a dog before, but my biggest wish, has always been to get a dog.

We used a lot of time searching information online for different races, pros and cons. At the end I would like to have a pug but Bo wanted a bigger dog.

Since we were, and still are first-time-dogowners, it was important for us, not to get a race that would demand to much of us, we wanted to make sure that we could live up to wichever responsibility our new dog might want from us.

We ended up chosing the best dog for us, an english bulldog.


We found our little bully through The Danish Bulldog Club. I wrote a personal email to most of the kennels that were expecting litters. I got a really kind email back from Sascha, the breeder of A Wu-Bees Bulldogs, and we ended up picking A Wu-bee's Big Boxer Jimboo in a litter from their bitch, Arpeges Queen Ida. Arpeges Queen Ida is from one of the most experienced breeders in English bulldogs in Denmark. Muttley was born the seventh of march 2013. About three months later, he arrived at our home.


In the winter of 2013 we decided to get a companion for Muttley. Muttley had the right age and we had a feeling, that Muttley would enjoy the company of another dog. At some of the dogshows we had seen the beautifull boy Nobozz Maximus - Max, and I contacted Mai from Gloryhunter Bulldogs to ask if Max had any mating in the upcomming future. He did! Thats how I found Robert, a guy who was the owner of Brittany skarlet Terra Coelho - Laura, and who is a homebreeder. From Laura's litter, we chose BellusValentino and named him Odie.


Our daily life is pretty common. I am doing an two-year internship as a officeassistant. I have a very high interest in the health and genes of english bulldogs. I like going to dogshows with my boys and, enter them in the work for improving bulldogs.

Bo is 31 years old and he works as a floor sander. He is often my companion, when going to dogshows were he helps me prepare our boys and doing the hard work on carrying cages, chairs and stuff. In Bo's sparetime he plays Badminton.

Unfortunately, in the spring of 2015, we had to make a very difficult decision. Muttley and Odie did not get along, as well as we had hoped for. They began fighting and we decided to find a new home for Odie. He now lives 15 minutes drive away at Helsinge, with Kim, Trine and their 4 children. Both of our dogs has blossomed. We speak often with Kim and Trine and I have the rights to show Odie and to use him for stud.

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