Barf and feeding

Myths about raw-feeding:


Biologically appropriate Raw Food

There is a lot of reasons why I chose to feed my dogs BARF.

The benefits I see in my dogs are many. I experienced:


-Good positure

-Shiny and healthy fur

-Mentally ballanced dogs

-Clean teeth

-No bad breath

-No bad odour from the fur

-A minimum of stools

-Naturally hydrated dogs, less need of drinking

-Smaller turds

-More balanced energy level

-Dogs who enjoy eating as they are supposed to

-Happy dogs


"The idea is to feed the dog in the way that wild dogs feed on. It is to feed dogs as natural as possible without the use of additives, artificial coloring and other chemicals. The food must also be raw, because the use of cooking or reheating kills the enzymes that are important for the dog's digestive system to function optimally.


Raw feeding has actually been around for eons. In the wild, feeding the dogs by eating their prey, and before the dry diets time, we also fed our dogs more natural. But after the dog has come into our living rooms and has become such a popular pet, dry food manufacturers has quickly found a way to make it a little easier for us to feed. But the dog is and will be a carnivore and therefore we find it natural to feed it properly.


The dog's digestive system is completely equal to the wolf or the wild dog, regardless of the breed and size. Like the wolf, the dog should therefore eat raw meat as the primary source of nutrition. In the wild, dogs will eat berries, fruit and vegetables, if the opportunity is there, so it is also important to include fruits and vegetables in the diet. When the dog's intestinal tract is relatively short, the dog can better incorporate fruits and vegetables whose cell walls have been comminuted. In the wild, they eat the contents of the prey animal's stomach, which consist mostly of grasses, berries and the like. In the prey's stomach it is partially processed, and thus easier for the wolf / dog to absorb.


Another important component of a dog's diet is raw bones with meat. In the wild, the dog will get its calcium quotient by eating prey's bones. Moreover the raw bones also cleans the dog's teeth and keeps them free of tartar. Therefore, it is important to feed your dog with meaty bones weekly.

REMEMBER: The legs should always be RAW!"


Translated from the website of Rigtig Hundemad

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