Every dog race is dealing with some racespecific problems.

Along the way the english bulldog has got a lot of critics for it's health.

Serious breeders rekognize the problems and makes an effort to minimize these diseases and genetic defects, to improve the race.

There is a lot of oppinions on how serious the different health-conditions is and how to treat them. Some people think that the english bulldog should be mixed with other dogbreeds to improve their health, but then, i'm sorry to say, it is'nt a english bulldog anymore.

I don't wan't the following to abstain anyone from getting a bulldog, not at all. But I want to create some attention on these issues and, hopefully, make future bulldogs-buyers do some research, before choosing their bulldogbreeder. Be critical, and ask about the health of the bitch and stud.


I think, that beeing transparent about the health of the bitch and studdog, as well as always breeding better than your bitch og studdog, it will only get better. A breeder can never make promises on the health of puppies, as dogs are living creatures and can't be controlled. Even if a breeder chooses the best possible bitch and stud, the outcome can always be doubtful, as genetics is never predictible. But over time it will improve and it is getting better and better.


I have made a list of different conditions and attached links with more information.


  • Allergies

Then english bulldog race is badly affected by allergies. Allergy happens when the immune system overreacts to external factors that is usually harmless.

English Bulldog News - article about allergies

Bulldogworld - describing of the different allergy-symptoms

Dyrlæge Boysen - Danish newsletter about furunculosis written by a danish veterinarian



  • Breathing problems

Institute of Canine Biology - article about the issues with brachycephaly dogs

Baggy Bulldogs - Soft Elongated Pallet, symptoms, treatment and videos


  • Reproducing problems

The rumor has it, that english bulldogs is not able to give birth naturally. Due to selective breeding this has been, and steal is, a problem. But I must say, that I know of many english bulldog bitches that has born naturally, and I am proud to say that Odie - BellusValentino is naturally born. This problem occured when english bulldogs got bigger and was bred with bigger heads.

Bulldogsworld - Article on breeding bulldogs


  • Hipdysplasia

Hip dysplasia in Dogs is a disease of the hip in which the ball and socket joint is malformed. This malformation means that the ball portion and its socket don’t properly meet one another, resulting in a joint that rubs and grinds instead of sliding smoothly.

The Baker Institute, College of Veterinary Medicine - Brochure about Hip dysplasia - article and debate conserning if Vitamin C can have a postive impact on HD


  • Eye-issues

The english bulldog can suffer from different eye-conditions. What I know of, cherry eye is the most common, and is often harmless. When you discover this condition, before you go to the vet, I would reccomend you try to massage it in, very carefully.

How to massage away a cherry eye (please make sure you have clean hands!) If the cherry eye keeps popping out, contact your vet.

VCA Hospital's article about eyelid ectropion

VCA Hospital's article about entropion


  • Undesirable colors

Because of the trend in buying bulldogs in undesirable colors, I find it very important to inlighten this subject.

It is a very delicate subject, as I know of some fawn, blue og black bulldogs, that are living healthy, happy lifes. HOWEVER, breeding on these rare-coloured dogs, is very risky and can have a serious impact on the dogs wellbeeing. I will not reccomend buying or breed on them. Here is some articles on why.

Danish Kennel Club - Danish article about alopecia

USASK - written by genetician Sheila M. Schmutz, Ph.D., Professor


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