He loves to go to the beach, and is running with all his energies, towards the water, but he is always carefull, because he can't swim. On the other hand he is not amused about showers, but he puts up with it.

He is very willing to learn, extra willing if you show him a treat. He is also a fast learner considering his race.

He is a very carefull dog, both with children and other animals. He has a bit tensed attitude towards other dogs. That comes from some bad experiences. Often if the other dog is submissive, he relaxes quickly.

Muttley is always up for snuggling, he likes it the best if he is alowed to kiss your face and lick your ears. If you wanna be friends with Muttley, the best you can do is scratch him under the cheeks and massage his ears.


A Wu-Bee's Big Boxer Jimboo


Muttley is as english bulldogs is the most, according to my experiences.

He is our little snuggle-boy. He prefers to sleep most of the day but is allways ready if he hears the golden words: "You wanna go for a walk?"

With Muttley in the house, you are never alone. If you are in the kitchen, Muttley is in the kitchen. If you are in the bathroom, Muttley is in the bathroom. If you go to sleep in the bedroom, Muttley goes to sleep in the bedroom. As weel as if you try to leave the house, Muttley will try to leave with you. Muttley is kind of a chicken, and is always telling us, if there is a cat in the garden, if we brought home a dangerous plasticbag or if we, God forbid, start to dig a hole with one of those dangerous spades in the yard.

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