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Danish Kennel Club, Ballerup, 21/9-2013

Terje Lindstrøm, Norway

6 Months, welldeveloped, masculine head and expression, welldeveloped front, nice and promising confirmation. Moves typically.

Very Promising.

2. winner in puppyclass.

Danish Kennel Club, Herning, 2/11-2013

Ramuné Kazlauskaite, Lithuania

Puppyclass. Strong male, correct shape, very good topline, parallel front, typical movement.

Very promising.

2. place- puppyclass.

Danish Kennel Club, Area 2, Køge, 1/12-2013

Britt Siegstad, Denmark

Puppyclass. Good type and size, correct topline, wide front, good bite, moves typically, lovely temper.

Very promising.

Best puppy.

Danish Bulldog Club, Gørlev, 30/3-2014

Irene Donné, Norway

Juniorclass. Wellplaced ears, correct eyes and expression. Correct tale and typical movements.

Very Good.

3. place in Junior Class.

Danish Kennelclub International Dogshow, 11/5-2014

Inger Dahle, Norway

Juniorclass. Well type, masculin head, good body, typical movement, Nice temperament, well shown.

Excellent. Champion Quality.

2. place.

Danish Bulldog Club, Bøsøre, 30/5-2014

Ivan Ivanov, Bulgaria

Junior Class. Good size, good head, screw but free tail, straight in topline, good movement from backlegs, front legs under body.

Very Good.

3. place.

Danish Bulldog Club, Bøsøre, 31/5-2014

Kevin Davis, England

Junior Class. Nice, flat skull, well defined wrinkles, nice sound eyes, broad nose, open nostrils, good pigment, good turn of true underjaw, good turn of shoulder, strong bone, neat feet, pleasing topline, good angulation, healthy tail, moved really well.


2. place.

Danish Bulldog Club, Taulov, Fredericia, 10/8-2014

Petrus Roosenboom, Belgium

Junior Class. Strong male, good head, wide scull, small rose ears, small dark eyes, very strong muzzle, good lay back, wide front, strong bone, round cat feet, strong body, good substance, good roach, very nice spring of rib, deep chest, good angulation, very nice coat, typical rolling movement. Excellent. Junior Cert. and Champion Quality.

1. place.

Danish Kennelclub, National dogshow Århus, 23/8-2014

Leif Lehmann Jørgensen, Denmark

Junior Class. Masculin male of prima size, good neck, back of goood lenght, good scull, nice placed ears, good eyecolor, nice underbite, nice movement from behind, good color, good coat, good temperament.


5. place.

Danish Kennelclub, Hillerød, 20/9-2014

Åke Cronander, Sweden

Intermediate Class. Appealing wholeness, wellshaped head, masculine, good neck, good, broad front, wellmarked shoulders, very good body and topline, good ancles, nice legs and paws.

Excellent, Champion Quality..

1. place.

Danish Kennelclub, Herning, 1/11-2014

Olga Sinko, SIovenia

Intermediate Class. Very strong male, big strong head, short muzzle, narrow and short underjaw, nice front, strong bones, strong body with nice behind, movement okay.

Excellent in judging.

Danish Kennelclub, Herning, 2/11-2014

Jan Sonne Schmidt, Denmark

Intermediate Class. Compact size, wellshaped head, correct roach and ears, dark eyes, correct underjaw and bite, strong neck, slightly curved backline, correct tale, wellconferred shoulders, deep chest, strong legbones and good paws, wellangled behind, nice coatquality, nice movement, good temperament.

Excellent. Champion Quality.

3. place in Intermediate Class.

Danish Bulldogclub, Gørlev, 30/11-2014

Th. A. Van Der Horst, Netherlands

Intermediate Class. Masculine, strong head, wide scull, well set rose ears, dark eyes, sour expression, maximum nose wrinkle, strong foreface, brickshaped head, good layback and turnup, strong bone, straight front, well tacked on shoulders, good angulations in both ends, enough roach, nice tuck up, good mover, good temperament.

Excellent in judging.

1. place in intermediate class.

Danish Bulldog Club, Gørlev, January 18/1-2015

Ligita Zake, Lithuania

IntermediateClass. Strong, powerfull male, compact body, strong head, typical expression, strong topline, broad body, correct angulations, moves well, typical movements.

Excellent. Champion Quality. Cert.

1. place Intermediate Class.

Second Best Male.

Danish Kennel Club, International show, Fredericia, 8/2-2015

László Erdös, Hungary

Elegant, typical male with a good head, well curved mandibles, correct scheduled and raised ears, correct front.

Excellent. Champion Quality.

2. place in Intermediate Class.

Danish Kennel Club, International show, Roskilde, 25/4-2015

Nebojsa Savicic, Serbia

Very good type, big and strong head, good topline, good downline, correct front, good balance and good movement.

Excellent. Champion Quality.

2. place in Open Class.

Danish Kennel Club, International show, Roskilde, 26/4-2015

José Juan Vidal Montero, Spain

Good type, good head with good expression, god alignenment of teeth, correct front, a bit heavy in body, goid chest, moves well, should loose some weight.


2. place in Open Class.

Danish Bulldog Club, Bøsøre, 16/5-2015

June Wall, Ireland

Nice head good under jaw, nostrills ok, wrinkel a little strong over nose, dark eyes, good earset, good bone and feet, good front and rear angulation,good tail, sound coming and going.


Danish Kennel Club, International Show, Vejen, 20/6-2015

Berri Beare, Ireland

2 years, head well, developed front and shoulders, topline and rise, well handled, moved with nice roll.

Excellent. Champion Quality.

1. place in Open Class.

Danish Kennel Club, International Show, Vejen, 21/6-2015

Kurt Nilsson, Sweden

Masculin, powerfull head, big nosewrinkle, could have slightly smaller wrinkles in the face, could have slightly more open nostrils, good proportions, nice chest, sufficient angles, good movement.

Very Good.

Danish Bulldog Club, Gørlev, 6/9-2015

Sonia Davis, England

White, excellent head, good width of foreface, good jaw, lacks a little pigment around the eyes, good forechest, straight bone, good feet, strong neck, tacked on shoulders, good roach, tailset a little high, moved well.


4. place in Open Class.

Danish Kennel Club, International Show, Hillerød, 20/9-2015

Mille Bæk, Denmark

2½ years, white male of very good type. Typical overall impression, good underjaw that closes in, straight bite, wellplaced rosears, acceptable front and legs, good ribcage, wellplaced but a little tight tale, excellent depth, a little elongated, moves a bit shuffling at times, excellent coat and grooming.


3. place Open Class.

Danish Kennel Club, International Show, Herning, 31/10-2015

Terje Lindstrøm, Norway

Well developed with good proportions, masculine head, good debth and snout, could have had somewhat wider jaw, well developed front, moves well.


4. place Open Class.

Danish Bulldog Club, Taulov, 6/12-2015

E. Van Honschooten-Koning, Holland

Good head with good ears, well set. Good eyes. Too much nose role. Teeths are irregular and small. Good turn up and layback. Good brisket, rounded ribs. Strong legs, tail is good. Typical movement.

Excellent. Champion Quality. Reserve Cert.

2. place Open Class.

3. Best male.

Danish Bulldog Club, Århus, 31/1-2016

Leif Lehmann Jørgensen, Denmark

Almost 3 years old male, with good head, good ears, eyes and bite, good neck, correct topline, correct set tail, good chest and front, good legs and paws, moves nice from the back, good coat color og temper.

Excellent. Champion Quality. Reserve Cert.

2. winner Open Class.

2. best Overall Male.

Danish Bulldog Club, Svebølle, 13/3-2016

Björn Einarsve, Sweden

Compact male of good type, powerfull, masculine head with good expression, to much nosewrinkle, wellplaced ears, sufficient neck, could have wider chest, a bit long, good neck-ancles, good legs.

Very Good.

4. Winner Open Class.

South Swedish Kennel Club, Malmö, 20/3-2016

Søren Wesseltoft, Denmark

Medium sized, masculin male, good head with good proportions. Correct eyes. Nosefold can not get any bigger. Would prefer a little wider front, lightly outergoing paws. Good neck and back. Nicely developed front and back. Nice good movements. Good color and coat.

Excellent. Champion Quality.

2. winner in Open Class.

4. best Overall Male.

Danish Kennel Club, International show, Roskilde, 30/4-2016

Liliane De Ridder-Onghena, Belgium

3 years, has a nice skull, would prefer a darker eye, excellent underjaw, with

good Width, well opened nostrils, good pigment, nice front, good topline and

body, well set hindquarters, moves very well, bit high tailcarriage.

Excellent. Champion Quality.

1. winner in Open Class.

Danish Kennel Club, International Show, Roskilde, 1/5-2016

Wenche Eikeseth, Norway

Masculine, strong scull, strong developed noseroll, a bit big lips, very good front, straight front legs, excellent chest, sufficient angles behind, good topline, moves well, snores a lot when he moves.


1. winner in Open Class.

Danish Bulldog Club, Bøsøre, 6/5-2016

Michael Laub, Denmark

3 years old, masculine male, good scull, sufficient profile, correct ears, defined stop, acceptable nose, good lips, correct bite, big and to light eyes, good neck, sufficient topline and tale that seems a bit tight, appropriate width in the front, excellent depth, correct legs and paws, nice coat and color, excellent movements.


4. winner in Open Class.

Danish Bulldog Club, Bøsøre, 7/5-2016

Avi Mallach, Israel.

3 years, white, good substance, bit too long in loin, would prefer more shoulders, good enough in head, good ears, enough dark eyes, would like to see wider underjaw, good bones, excellent strong neck, topline could be better, acceptable tail for the moment, good coat condition, would like to see more angulation i the rear, movement is too narrow in the front.

Very Good.

4. winner in Open Class

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