Odies mentality



Odie is a little chunk filled with energy. He is curious, athletic and is ahead of the curve.

He loves playing football, pulling robes and using his body. Odie is a silly dog who really can make you laugh, because he reacts without thinking. He is the dog who does'nt stop running after a ball, because there is a wall in the way.

He is very playfull and very good with kids in all ages, as long as they can handle to be knocked over and pushed, when Odie is running by.

Odie is very alert, and if he hears another dog barking, he will let you know!

Odie is very good with other dogs, as long as he does'nt have to share his home and loving owners with them. Visiting dogs and doggyplaytime is some of Odies favourites, the he can really use his body and physics, by running and fighting for fun.

He is not at boy who thinks to hard. Rather just act!

Odie is silly about the ladydogs, and doesn't hold back.


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